120: Driving Me Up The Wall

30 04 2010

SM North.

The Block.


Hey, I cleaned the toilet bowl afterwards. 😀

I watched Iron Man 2 today.


119: Because Fish Bones Can Talk

29 04 2010

“Excuse me, barmaid! I’m afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone!”

For the love of How To Train Your Dragon, Toothless and Hiccup, I present to you… A talking fish bone!

My creativity took a nap today and I couldn’t think of anything to do for 365. So I asked in plurk what I should do today, and Sarah‘s TALKING FISHBONE! response won. But wait, how am I supposed to do a talking fish bone? I walked around the house looking for props that could resemble a fish bone, but I couldn’t find any. That’s why I made my own. XD

Manila paper, staples, markers, a busted DVD-R and some scotch tape later, I crawled into my parents’ bathtub and here I am, a talking fish bone. I still couldn’t get over how ridiculous this was, but extremely hilarious at the same time. I hope you enjoy viewing my crazy photos as I do making them. 😀

118: It’s So Hot I Need Sunnies Indoors

28 04 2010

I was trying to organize the other stuff under my desk (behind me) when I found these shades among boyfie’s things. I took them out so I could use ’em :p

I still have too many stuff. Hence, I started a new blog to motivate me to use my stash of paper, boards, textiles, old magazines and lots of other stuff. 😀

117: Reflections

27 04 2010

Going down the building elevator at past 12 midnight. I’m going to sleep over at my cousin’s nearby so I don’t have to go home to QC. I’ll just borrow clothes from my cousin’s wife so I could wear something when I report back to work at 9am.

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116: Something’s Stirring and it Doesn’t Feel Right

26 04 2010

Shower in bathroom is always an ominous sign.

This isn’t the best angle of me, but please forgive me, it was the only opportunity I had to take a photo. What do I mean by ominous sign? Isn’t it logical for every bathroom to have a shower? Yes, but this is an office bathroom. Explanation follows.

My aunt is friends with an architect whose projects are mostly interior renovations. She mentioned that he has a lot of projects and maybe I should help out since I was on summer vacation. I said, “sure, why not?” So on Monday (today) I sauntered over to the office in Makati. I got there without a hitch since I was familiar with that area, and got to speak with the contact person I was told to speak to. At the time they needed somebody to Photoshop and I knew how, so I said, “sure, why not?” I met the head of the Photoshop group and after a little waiting she gave me something to work on: the floor plan of a gigantic ballroom/dining hall which is needed for a presentation THE NEXT DAY. Great. Deadline. It didn’t occur to me until after lunch that I was expected to finish what I was given to work on and I ended up staying until 12 midnight, and when I left a lot of other people were still there, working, with no plans of going home anytime soon.

That explains the shower in the bathroom.



Oh, and did I mention that one company I used to work in also had a shower in the bathroom? That explains how I know that it’s not a good thing.

115: It’s Those Little Things That Make You Smile

25 04 2010

It’s University graduation day at UPD and for the past few Sundays I’ve been witnessing the development of the sunflowers that the gardeners plant every year and, without fail, they bloom just in time for the commencement exercises. I love this tradition because if you’re a student on the on the bright and sunny day of your graduation, driving down the University Avenue lined with hundreds of gigantic yellow blooms just makes you crack into a wide grin. Trust me, I know the feeling.

Who has noticed the kilometer marker along U.Ave? I didn’t notice it until I was 4th year in Architecture. This is the side near Quezon Hall. The end which intersects with Commonwealth is 13km, that makes University Ave one kilometer in length.

Anyway, here’s more of sunflower love! ❤

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114: It Was Then That I Knew I Knew Nothing At All

24 04 2010

Today a classmate from ID texted me, asking if I would be willing to work on a project for her aunt in Laguna, and how much architectural services would cost. I panicked. I suddenly realized that I didn’t know what to answer in terms of fees. Or, at least, not anymore. What I did was ask a friend and batchmate who has already worked on a project. Thankfully, she knew the answers to my questions and I was able to relay the information quickly.

As it turns out, classmate’s aunt was only canvassing for now, and wasn’t actually going to have anything done for a couple more years. That’s good news for me, since I can gather more experience first before committing myself to that kind of work. But this is a big wake-up call for me.  I really should update myself and be more informed. What if classmate’s aunt wanted work done soon? I don’t know what I would do. I’d love to have a project (and money), but right now I don’t have the confidence in myself that I could deliver. I feel the need to be an architectural apprentice again.