112: Craftista

22 04 2010


Actually, my craft project for today wasn’t supposed to be this. I was putting padding on the handles on one of my mom’s bag because the braided material is itchy and annoying. After doing that, the bag looked like it needed something more, so I made some fabric flowers inspired by this amazing lady and using this simple tutorial. I’m planning to give the bag to her on mother’s day, so I’m hiding it from her for now. 😀

I forgot to take a picture of it before the modification, so here’s the AFTER:

Detail of the padded handles. I used this thin rubber foam on the inside then sewed fabric on the outside.

Detail of the fabric flowers. They’re brooches, so if my mom doesn’t like them she could just take them off. For the top photo, I pinned the flowers on an elastic headband.

I also made earrings out of the rubber foam scraps I used to test adhesives earlier. They have pretty fabric glued on one side. These are actually stuffings for bags my mom bought in Bangkok. Isn’t that awesome?? 😀

p.s. Loraine coined the term “craftista”. Hahaha. It is genius.




3 responses

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