273: Found It

30 09 2010

I finally found the Book Sale store at the UP Shopping Center! It was at the mezzanine level of D’Holy Book  (formerly G. Miranda). No wonder I couldn’t find it so easily. I took a quick look around but didn’t find any gems just yet. Besides, I was lugging around a huge bag at the time, not ideal for the tiny cramped space they had there. I’ll just come back some other day 🙂


272: Handle With Care

29 09 2010

This is a bag made out of recycled juice doy packs. My mom bought it at Kultura in SM, but it had a quite tasteless black cord strap. For the past few months we’ve been collecting aluminum can tabs so I could make a new, more appropriate handle. We’ve collected enough tabs, thankfully, just in time for me to make the handle so I could use the bag for the upcoming wedding.

271: Apparition of school snacks past

28 09 2010

When I was in grade school I had a classmate who always (and I mean everyday) had a box of Hello Panda with her packed lunch. Until now I associate these chocolate-filled biscuits to her.

I wonder if Hello Panda was invented in this decade, would it be called… “OHAI! Panda”?

270: Have a great day

27 09 2010

Just for LOLs

*spotted at 7-11 Visayas Ave

269: On a Grassy Knoll There Lived a Troll

26 09 2010

A fluffy one, indeed!

She’d roll around the grassy ground

And bite you ’till you bleed.

268: Shit Sobrang Init Abot Singit

25 09 2010

I bought this shirt at a Team Manila sale a few weeks back. It’s so pink! I love it! I’m not often fond of bright colors, but this is one of the few exceptions. That’s the back view, and the one below is the front view (Glasses not included :p)

Team Manila. They are an awesome. 😉

*title taken from a Kamikazee song

267: Daisy-Head Mayzie

24 09 2010

I remember reading this book when I was younger, but all I remember of it now is that it was about a girl who suddenly sprouted a flower on her head.

This flower, though, is made of wood and is actually a note holder. It was a gift a few Christmases back. I hot-glued it to a headband as props for a Pinoy Henyo game which was part of a class presentation. It’s fun to wear!