Simple Joys Found

9 07 2009

I went to Trinoma after class and library time this afternoon to buy some boards and paper for some of my plates. I was thinking of looking for paper twine as well, so I passed by Simple Joys upstairs before going to National Bookstore.


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Foodie Kids

4 07 2009

After class, jamming, overnight at Makati, a fire, seeing both my baby godsons, an interior design visit, and a two grocery bags full of stuff (read all about it on my multiply site), I finally got to see the latest Food Magazine issue where my aunt (who is the editor-in-chief) got my chef cousin to contribute recipes for their cake features.


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Beat on the doldrums

3 07 2009

Jamming was fun, as usual. There weren’t as many people as we had during our “glory days,” though. We usually had up to eleven people, way more than the studio normally allowed. But at least the main instruments were there (i.e. Heron on guitar, Prox on bass, and me on drums) so we pulled it off, playing the songs we used to play and some new ones. Even though nobody was singing, or Allan was singing off-beat, it was fine. I guess we were used to that situation. Since Jen left we never really had a proper or permanent vocalist, so us instruments relied on our personal knowledge of the songs rather than depending on a voice.

We worked our way through the old “pondo” of songs, though not all of them: Stone Temple Pilots’ “Plush”, Creed’s “Higher”, Lifehouse’s “Blind”, Skid Row’s “I Remember You”, Sponge Cola’s “KLSP” and “Pasubali”, Sandwich’s “Betamax”, and Alamid’s “Prinsesa”. Then there were some that we haven’t tried before: Eraserheads’ “Alapaap”,  and Itchyworms’ “Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay”, and for the first time we were able to finish “Beer” (which makes me wonder when will we ever finish “Sweet Child o’ Mine”). Read the rest of this entry »

Blast from the past

2 07 2009

March 3, 2005, it was four days after my dad and I bought my first drum kit. Here is an excerpt from a blog post on that day:

suddenly, on the lighter side of things…

I christen thee (drum kit): Blackbird, in honor of the character of Orlando Bloom in Black Hawk Down, who had a really cool name but was pathetic enough to accidentally fall off the helicopter even before he had begun his rescue mission.

Drumroll, please…

2 07 2009

While I was brushing my teeth this morning I glanced at the room across the hall. Lo and behold, there was my drum kit exposed for all to see. I remembered that it’s laundry day today, which explains the missing white sheet which was supposed to protect it from dust (but fails miserably). It was daytime and I didn’t have any class until this afternoon. I scrambled to get my age-old drumsticks, wiped off the dust from the stool, closed the door and whacked my way through the songs I used to play with my boyfriend and ex-officemates.

It was refreshing, even though I have forgotten the some of the song arrangements and most of the rolls. Practicing my drumming is one of the things that I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to doing it. I know there’s no excuse for that, since I have the drum kit right here at home and the free time to use it. But now that I’ve started again, I should make an effort to make it regular.

After an hour-long run, I messaged my boyfriend about it. As if the gods of coincidence were among us, he told me that our guitarist was available tomorrow and if I could, we should jam like we used to. I asked my dad if I could go and he said yes (he’s becoming more and more lax with these things recently… Wahoo!).

I’m excited, yet it’s kinda scary because I haven’t practiced anything since our last jam which was waaaaay back a bunch of months ago. So good luck to all of us and I hope I perform well tomorrow *crosses fingers*

Mystery writing

1 07 2009

I’ve written quite a number of stuff on Starbucks Coffee napkins. I have drawings, sketches, concepts and bored doodles. I have lists of things to buy as well as dreams and ambitions. Some are journal entries scrawled on the piece of brown napkin for the lack of a proper notebook, while some are little sparks of literary ideas. This is one such spark, but it is one that totally surprised me.

This particular napkin is found between the folds of a Starbucks brochure (which I collect for their visual appeal). It had no date on it, only the time: 6:55pm. That was a mystery because I usually write down the date when I write or draw something. And then I just had to write on the side where the recycle logo and some text were printed. Read the rest of this entry »