I’ve moved out

16 08 2010


Move it!


167: Curlicues

16 06 2010

I haven’t used this pair of jeans for the longest time. I think it’s because it’s high-waisted and it’s a bit loose-fitting. But I see it all the time in my closet so today I decided to wear it.

I call it my ciento jeans because I bought it for only 100 pesos. I sewed on the beads in October 2006 but even then the jeans have already been with me a few years. Just imagine how old this article of clothing is! I have a bunch of other clothes that old, some even older. I guess it just goes to show how non-trendy I am when it comes to clothes (and almost everything else). I only have basics, timeless pieces and ones that I really, really, really like. Following trends isn’t something I like doing. Hence, I personalize, like so:

166: Hippy

15 06 2010

Inherited from my mother (and grandmother), these legs have been a distinguishing feature for the females of the mother side of my family. When we see old photos of my mom or my aunts, the usual comment is on the legs: “Fenix nga ‘yan, ang laki ng binti, eh!” It’s something that we girls have accepted because it’s a feature we could not avoid and have to live with, but it’s not like we’re complaining. :p

165: Off Target

14 06 2010

“It’s not a target!!”

I often react violently when people say that my shirt is a target or a bull’s eye. It’s actually the logo of the Royal Air Force, a little detail I learned through researching on my favorite author, Roald Dahl. It was the one of the two selling points when I bought this shirt. The other was Snoopy the Red Baron perched on top, from my favorite comic strip, Peanuts.

Needless to say, I absolutely love this shirt for those details, its color, and the perfect fit.

164: My Children

13 06 2010

The three kiddos are actually children of my cousin at the left, but I claim them as mine, especially since the two at the right (Kate and Miguel) have inherited my looks and the youngest one at the left (Jerome) competes for my attention (or, at least, my lap to sit on). My aunts always point out how Kate looks so much like me when I was her age. They even showed an old photo of me to Jerome and asked who it was. He answered, “Katkat,” and pointed to his sister.

I love my kids. 🙂

163: Viva la Independencia!

12 06 2010

This year’s independence day is highlighted by this rare sight along Commonwealth Avenue. My dad quipped that the dude’s late for the parade. Kidding aside, this thing is awesome! It runs perfectly (i.e. no knocking or other noise, and isn’t belching smoke) and has a lot of authentic looking accessories. Just look at it! His jeep is complete down to the last detail! Well, except maybe the modern license plate. Other than that, it looks like a piece robbed from some military museum somewhere. So cool.

162: Sweet Pea

11 06 2010

Before I send this skirt to the laundry, I wore it again today. I’ve mentioned before that I can’t seem to go all-out girly, and today isn’t an exception. Although, until I went downstairs for breakfast I was still unsure if I should wear this outfit. Eventually I did, and I had fun with it. I got funny comments that I looked like (1) a cheerleader and (2) a dessert, particularly a blueberry cheesecake. I’m not sure if those are a compliments, but I’m taking it positively. I answered by saying that I was ube and keso ice cream.

I may be a dessert, but this blueberry cheesecake loves devil’s food cake and tea!

Tshirt: Artwork (around PhP350)

Skirt: Ukay-ukay (PhP 50)

Shoes: TripleFiveSoul (expensive. LOL. Actually I don’t remember the price anymore)