031: Put your feet up

31 01 2010

What a day! My mom and I went to SM North to find shoes for her to use on cousin’s wedding. Little did we know that there was a 3-day sale going on! Waaaah despite the perks of lots of discounted items, there’s the multitudes of humans shopping and milling around. There’s also the long, long lines at the washrooms. We had trouble finding a perfect pair of sandals with the perfect color, height and style. Plus, I lost our parking ticket (which I thankfully got back). So when I got home I rested my feet a bit before going on to watch the amazing Roger Federer win the Australian Open once again.

I did have a lot of fun, though, despite all the tiring hassles and aching legs. I have fun looking at the shoe styles and fitting those outlandish designs and sky-high heels just for the heck of it. Here’s the craziest one I tried on: faux alligator skin multicolored patent leather on 5-inch heels!


030: While You Were Out

30 01 2010

This morning I had no idea what to do for today’s photo. I was just staying at home so I don’t have any reason to dress up and change out of my very unflattering pambahay clothes. Then I remembered my mom was out all day so I stole an Indian top and a scarf from her closet and took a pair of earrings then hijacked my parents’ bathtub.

029: Bad Day

29 01 2010

My boyfriend says I make this face when I’m in a bad mood. So he always knows if I’m lying when I say “I’m fine.”

It’s Friday today. Isn’t everybody supposed to be ecstatic and doing spaz dances on Fridays? My Friday isn’t so spectacular this time. The morning started out all wrong and many little annoying things just piled up. Add to that the straps/sleepves(??) of my top kept falling… Read the rest of this entry »

028: Laid Back

28 01 2010

… I’m at a loss of words.


027: Little Drummer Girl

27 01 2010

If I ruled a kingdom, this would be my throne: with my beloved Blackbird at my side.

For as far as I can remember, I have always wanted to learn how to play drums but I only got basic formal lessons in college. Later on, I got my first (and probably only) kit (a Gretch named Blackbird) right after watching School of Rock with my dad. Being a drummer was the reason I met the love of my life, and fulfill my lifelong dream of playing with a band.

I’m not an expert, nor have I touched my drums in a really long time, but percussion has always been and will always be in my heart.

026: Windy day

26 01 2010

It was so windy today! I loved walking around campus even though I had my evil zebra-striped shoes on. When I got home I tried taking photos outside where it’s all windy, but I failed at that so I went inside, supposedly to get a fan and make my own windy scenario. The curtains were billowing in the wind so I tried taking photos there. Out of about ten shots, this was the best one I got.

The electric fan is part of the windy theme (official excuse for not moving the fan because of laziness). :p

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025: Inventory Check

25 01 2010

This is me trying out my socially responsible side. I’m helping out my mother and her Holy Spirit classmates promote Produktong Katutubo, a project of their alma mater, and set up an online store so that their products can reach an international market and, in effect, help the indigenous people who are the source of these products. I’m also hoping to help improve their product design for their future market (some designs are really tacky and outdated), also improve their packaging.

Shown in the picture are bottles of calamansi concentrate, hibiscus juice concentrate (yes, that’s Gumamela juice and it’s real nice), honey (the bottle I’m holding), vinegar, Virgin Coconut Oil, and coco jam. The nito baskets on the top shelf are also for sale, as well as other woven containers. The shelf I placed the camera on was filled with packs of muscovado sugar. There’s also organic brown, black and the once-a-year violet rice. There are beaded necklaces and bracelets, and woven products like table runners and bags, and many more.

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