111: Weave Got You In Sight

21 04 2010

Playing with fabrics I’ve been organizing since this morning. This particular one is funny because it’s so psychedelic! @_@

I was searching for ways to keep my fabric swatches so that I can see them easily when I need to use them. I’ve been keeping them in tote bags tucked away underneath some cabinets (that dark space in the next photo). It keeps them out of sight, but when I need them I have to rummage through the bags to find what I want. So I googled up some tips and found this among other sites which basically wraps the fabric on cardboard and stores them on shelves. This is one amazing makeover!


Fabric swatches (and tiles and other materials) from Wilcon Depot and BL+RP

A bag full of fabric from Townes, Inc.



I found a good use for my paisley box! 😀 These are the smaller swatches and those with tags I didn’t want to remove (they have fabric name, composition, supplier, and price information). There’s also the vinyl swatches and woven leather.

The bigger fabrics went into this plastic box I used to keep my high school notebooks and readings in. But since I sent most of them into the garbage bin and made some into new notebooks, I cleaned out the container and it has found a new purpose. Then again, I’m thinking of getting a more shallow box for these. Until then, this is their home.

Now that my fabrics are organized, I wonder if I could do the same for the rest of the stuff/trash…. stash under my desk. Don’t ask about the tiles. I haven’t thought about what to do with them yet. XD




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7 05 2010
What To Do With Wallpaper Scraps? « ang craftista

[…] with my other material swatch loot bags (with ceramic tiles, wood mouldings, fabric, etc). After organizing my fabric swatches, I was looking around for ways to store the wallpaper such that I could browse through them easily […]

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