243: Insert Creepy Carnival Tune

31 08 2010

Boyfriend and I visited a friend who took us to his wife who worked at a radio station at ALIW Theater, right beside Star City. We passed through the theme park to get to the restaurants at the other end. At this time of the year Star City is still closed, so it’s a dark, deserted place. It looks so different now, compared to when I was a kid, but that’s a different story. Right now it’s…. creepy.

*Twilight Zone theme*


242: Playtime

30 08 2010

It’s lovely to see the youngsters of the family warming up to the boyfriend, especially since he likes kids so much. Here they are sticking Playcorn on his face because they found out the stuff sticks onto skin.

What is Playcorn? They’re basically like packing peanuts made from cornstarch, and you can stick them together with water so you can make forms like animals, insects, or just about anything…. like this.. uh…. thing by 4-year-old Jerome.

Meanwhile, the Bash Brothers Lance and Lucas are enjoying the percussions. 😀

241: Enter the Beagle

29 08 2010

Today I went to Pampanga to visit boyfie’s family. He went inside the house while I stayed outside saying hi to Rusty, our fat Labrador. When I went inside, he was carrying this little sweetheart:


It took a while for me to realize that this was the surprise birthday gift boyfie had been talking about last night.

My boyfriend and I are both dog people and one of our dream breeds was a beagle, but we didn’t have the money nor resources to buy purebreds before, so we didn’t make any plans of getting any (Rusty was an exception, because we got him for only about 5,000 pesos which was cheap for a purebred). That’s why I never expected him to give me one now.

We took her home with me tonight, and since my entire family was surprised as well, we were unsure where to put her because we had Futbol, our other dog. For now, we placed her in the upstairs garden. We’ll introduce her to Fut later on.


Look at her sit down while eating! OMG SO KYOT I DIE NAO

Thank you to my favorite guy in the whole world who can’t resist buying isaw on the streets:

No, not the guy flashing a peace sign. I think he thought I was a Korean tourist or something, because he was speaking to me in English when I showed him the photo. LOL.

240: Spotted, relic of years past

28 08 2010

The last (and only) time I stood behind this podium was during my thesis defense. It went fine, despite a funny booboo of mine when I skipped a paragraph of my script then sticking my tongue out when I realized it.

239: The Wonders of Junk Food and Design

27 08 2010

I’m a snack person, I admit wholeheartedly. I can only eat a little at a time, even on meals, but I get hungry again easily so I end up snacking a lot. Although in the past years I haven’t been eating a lot of chips, boyfie forgot to take home this pack of V-cut so I decided to eat it myself while sketching a perspective for a plate.

238: Tetetetetetetetext

26 08 2010

Since boyfie came back, I’ve been using my cellphone more and more and more often now. I’m not really a cellphone person, and he’s the only person who can make me carry one everywhere I go. Ah, the things love can make one do. 🙂

237: I’m not Machine-readable

25 08 2010

I went to the new DFA building to get a new passport because my old one has expired. It was a pretty easy process, unlike how it was in the previous years. Now you have to schedule your visit online, and print out your own forms. The great thing about this is that you have a guaranteed date and time schedule so there isn’t a “baka sakali” factor to deal with. I’ve heard one too many horror stories of passport applications in the past.

This is the waiting area after paying for the fees, and you wait for your number to come up so you can have your photo and fingerprints taken. Recent developments in international travel requires scanned fingerprints embedded in the passport information. But, as I found out when I renewed my driver’s license, my fingerprints are not meant for machine reading. I think they’re shallow or something. The fingerprint scanners can’t detect them at a reasonable quality, and it takes forever to get a readable image from my fingers. Eventually the tech person resorted to just making a note in my passport info that my fingerprints cannot reach the standard image quality.

Good luck to me when I actually travel abroad. I foresee spending a long time at immigration. -____-