114: It Was Then That I Knew I Knew Nothing At All

24 04 2010

Today a classmate from ID texted me, asking if I would be willing to work on a project for her aunt in Laguna, and how much architectural services would cost. I panicked. I suddenly realized that I didn’t know what to answer in terms of fees. Or, at least, not anymore. What I did was ask a friend and batchmate who has already worked on a project. Thankfully, she knew the answers to my questions and I was able to relay the information quickly.

As it turns out, classmate’s aunt was only canvassing for now, and wasn’t actually going to have anything done for a couple more years. That’s good news for me, since I can gather more experience first before committing myself to that kind of work. But this is a big wake-up call for me.  I really should update myself and be more informed. What if classmate’s aunt wanted work done soon? I don’t know what I would do. I’d love to have a project (and money), but right now I don’t have the confidence in myself that I could deliver. I feel the need to be an architectural apprentice again.




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