287: Tattooed on my mind

14 10 2010

He flies to China today. These moments have been burned in my mind and will last forever.

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286: Last Night

13 10 2010

Tonight is boyfie’s last night here. Tomorrow he’s flying off to China where he’ll be working for the next year or so. At first I was against it, telling him that I didn’t want to experience another year without him like his year working in Riyadh. But I still had a few years left in my second degree and the China offer was much more than he’ll ever dream of earning here, and he would be able to visit anytime he wanted (unlike in Riyadh where he had to finish at least 11 months straight before he could visit home) so I eventually gave in. Besides, I’m not the one who depends on him to bring home the bacon. He has his family to send monies to.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to spend this last night with him, although tiring. I played nanay-mode again because I kept reminding him of the things he had to bring and where to pack this-and-that. Also, from Makati, we MRT’d our way to Trinoma to meet with my parents who treated him to a despedida dinner.

Although happy, there’s the lingering sadness that comes with all of this. I just can’t rub it off.

285: Pre-destruction

12 10 2010

I had to take a photo of this material board from earlier this semester as record before I destroy it so I could reuse some of the swatches. This is sort of memorable for me because it’s the first time I attempted to do a period style interior. I don’t think I’ll do that again. It’s not really my thing. <__<

I made that cord and tassel from scratch! WOOT!

Update: I ended up not using the swatches I cut out. Bleh. There’s always another plate, though. :p

284: Treasure Finds

11 10 2010

I went to Tiendesitas to look for more furniture for my final plate, but somehow the furniture collections there seemed much less than when the place first opened. Nevertheless, I was able to find really cool stuff like this Chinese chest of (lots of) drawers. There’s also a pair of Chinese stools on top of it.

I also found this painted low cabinet/console. So lovely!

283: Before and After

10 10 2010

This is one of the few childhood photos of the boyfriend. SO KYOT I WANNA SQUISH THOSE CHEEKS

282: Sitting Pretty

9 10 2010

Hmmmm this scaled model of an Egyptian chair seems to work well as a cellphone holder. LOL. My desk was too cluttered and full because of the drafting board on it, so I had to relocate some stuff.

281: Fragments

8 10 2010

Today I was looking for more furniture to add to my furniture schedule. It’s a part of the requirements of my last plate for the semester. I had to look for furniture, description, price, source (store where they could be bought) and supplier contact information, then organize them in a furniture schedule format. Along the way I came across these nice mirrors at Kultura at SM North.

Here’s another nice accessory: Bird cages.