151: Unfit

31 05 2010

Yesterday I got an email “save the date” message from my high school classmates getting married this October. Because of that, I began rummaging around my closet for an outfit I could use for the occasion. I unearthed this dress which I bought for a wedding which was scheduled last year but was delayed because of unforeseen circumstances. I didn’t attend it because it was too far away and I didn’t have the means. If it had pushed through with the original date, I would’ve been able to go. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The original dress was plain ivory-colored. I sewed on a pink scarf/shawl as a belt because I was following a reference photo provided by the bride. I was actually supposed to be a bridesmaid, hence the “dress code”. But since I couldn’t attend the reschedule, she had given the position to another friend.

Back to the original story, I was looking for a dress to use for this October wedding. I got this out, but I realized that it wasn’t coordinated with their color scheme so I was planning on adding burgundy ribbons and flowers to the straps and belt. After doing some fitting and deciding I need to work out a bit more (and tanning my legs to match my arms), I had this inkling of doubt whether a guest could wear white to a wedding. I searched on the innarnets and found out that wearing white, cream or ivory to a wedding is generally considered improper, unless you’re the bride or you’ve been specifically instructed to wear those colors.

So I can’t use this dress for wedding purposes. I’ll just have to wait for a different occasion where I can use this because it’d be such a waste if I couldn’t use it. As for the October wedding, it only means one thing: shopping time!


150: Blistering Hot

30 05 2010

I was supposed to post a photo of the blisters on my feet, but decided against it because no matter how quirky and crazy I can get, a photo of a blister on my toe isn’t funny nor nice in any situation. In place of that, here’s a photo of A. Roces St. in UP Diliman that I had the leisure to take because I stopped running due to a blister caused by the seam on my sock to rub against my little toe.

YAY for self-censorship and moderation XD

149: Water Baby

29 05 2010

I’ve loved swimming since I was a little kid. The whole mother-side used to go to Bauang, La Union (my grandfather’s province) at least once a year so I wasn’t a stranger to beaches, waves and sunburns. That’s why even before I took swimming lessons, I already knew how, nor was I scared of jumping off the deep end. I suppose my cousins and I also took after our mothers who also grew up frolicking on the beaches of La Union. As an uncle put it, “Para kayong mga balyena, pag nakakita ng tubig, lulusong agad.” Note the choice of word: BALYENA.

On my first real summer vacation as a student again, I was excited because I had two months’ worth of time to go on outings and swimming and trips to burn my shoulders on. But as the weeks progressed, no family outings were planned. SAD. That is, until my parents asked when our enrollment would start because they were planning on going to Palawan at the end of the month. YAY! Finally a real outing! But that plan didn’t pull through because of the expensive quote my parents got. Instead, they planned on going to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. YAY! But one day before our intended departure, my dad told me we aren’t going anymore because of the weather. WAAAH.

Because we had nothing to do this weekend, my mom and I went to the nearby La Mesa Eco Park to swim in their new pool. For PhP 80 (plus park entrance), this is what we got:

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148: Everybody Salsa!

28 05 2010

Even though it looks like an entry to a Datu Puti Mukhasim contest, it is not. This is an expression of sheer joy at the fact that I have Tostitos nacho chips and tomato salsa! I might get shot by discriminating salsa connoisseurs by saying that this is the best thing ever, but I don’t mind. It is pure LOVE.

147: Sweet Symphony

27 05 2010

This summer, I discovered bananas and Milo sauce. It’s a quick fix when you’re hungry, and it’s more exciting than just a boring banana! I guess it isn’t bad for the health and figure because it’s fruit and there’s no additional sugar other than what’s already in Milo. Making it is simple enough:

  1. Place lots of Milo in a mug.
  2. Add a little water to make a thick sauce.
  3. Slice a banana into the mug.
  4. Fold the sauce to coat the bananas.
  5. Enjoy!

146: Baby, You Can Drive My Car

26 05 2010

I get the crazies often, and today is no exception. An empty garage will not escape the great imaginary show! There’s a history to this, actually. And it involves a public street, a subdivision gate and three of my friends. We actually “drove” in through the subdivision gate in our invisible four-seater. Yes. I have crazy friends. Birds of the same feather flock together. Heehee

145: Sweat it out

25 05 2010

The heat! My goodness! It’s like everyday is the hottest day of the year. Even if I don’t move a muscle, sweat seeps out of every inch of my skin. I take frequent trips to the bathroom sink just to wet my face. Rawr.