181: High Apple Pie

30 06 2010

The new president of the Philippines was inducted today, and all eyes are on the ceremony. Everybody has high hopes for this new administration, sometimes it gives me the impression that to some people, Noynoy is like a savior that will solve all the problems of the country. It’d be great to think that a person could actually do that within a 6-year term, but that’d be wishful thinking. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic that good changes will happen in time. And, as “P Noy” keeps on emphasizing, it’s a collective effort. He can’t do everything himself, even if he holds the highest position in our government. Everybody, from his most trusted advisers to the lowliest citizens should take upon themselves the responsibility of taking care of our country.


The title is from a children’s song, “High Hopes”

He’s got high hopes / he’s got high hopes / he’s got high apple pie in the sky hopes


180: Cara Mia~!

29 06 2010

Pistachio gelato from Amici ❤

This restaurant holds a lot of memories spent with family and friends, in particular the original Don Bosco one, when it was still owned by the school. Thankfully, when it has been bought out and commercialized, the food has maintained its quality, so I still love it to pieces.


And so I can justify splurging on dessert, I scrimped on lunch expenses. Then again, just because my lunch is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious! 39 pesos of pure mushroom+beef+garlic love


179: Hoomans

28 06 2010

These ghostly figures are outline representations of humans, and this style is my favorite of the many possible ways of showing humans in architectural drawings (usually for scale purposes). Of course realism is best, but it’s not exactly practical (and easy) to render realistic humans all the time. As stylized ones go, I love this for its simplicity and straightforwardness.

178: And it was all yellow

27 06 2010

It was only on New Year’s Eve of 2010 that I learned how to take clear photos of the moon. My camera doesn’t have super zoom powers, but for a point-and-shoot I think I did pretty good. I really should use a tripod for a clearer shot, but I had to stand on a chair just to get a view so I really can’t use a tripod (i.e. tinatamad).

I suddenly remembered one of my first websites (hosted on Geocities, no less!) was named Hazy Moon simply because on the night when I was thinking of a name for my site, I chanced upon a full moon veiled by thin clouds, blurring its outline. I’ve also named some of my fictional characters with names related to the moon, and simply staring at the moon (in any phase) is as enjoyable for me as watching sunsets (which I love).

The title is from “Yellow” by Coldplay

177: Low Batt

26 06 2010

It doesn’t seem obvious, but I’m actually drained by this time. I stayed up until 1am waiting for my parents to get home from a party. The car battery conked out in the middle of the night and they had to park it somewhere and took a cab home. Motolite express delivery FAIL. They were told that it would take 3 hours to deliver a car battery because their delivery guys were booked solid. How many people have dead car batteries at 12 midnight??

After that we all had to wake up early for the Runnex new member’s induction and general meeting at 7am. I had to go with them because I would help out with registration and laptop/powerpoint operation. Hence, my dress-up

I also had my first real experience with a Macbook. YES I’m that technologically backward. LOL. The last Macintosh computer we had looked something like this so I think the slight feeling of intimidation was in order. It was pretty easy to use, after I’ve gotten past the multitudes of desktop icons on that particular unit. The best thing so far was that it was…… cool to the touch! It had been on for hours and the surface was still cool. T__T How I wish Nanashi (my Toshiba Satellite) was like that.

After this photo I changed clothes and crashed on my bed.

176: Cats are Easier

25 06 2010

…to take photos of, that is. I’m more of a dog person, but they’re usually so active and playful that it’s hard to take nice photos of them. Most of my dog photos are blurry. Cats, on the other hand, are pretty to look at and can be really funny at times. On my way home I found this fat kitty napping on the wall of the empty lot beside our house. I went home first and took out the camera then went outside to take photos.

Cat woke up when I went nearer

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175: Better Than One!

24 06 2010


Actually, they’re called Twin Pops nowadays, but the taste and happiness with each pair of ice lolly sticks is the same. Because of the recent wave of extra-hot days, I passed by Mercury Drug on the way home and bought about 6 of these. I like the Orange one better than the Chocolate, but I wouldn’t pass up either. Whether eaten alone or with a friend, Twin Popsies will always garner a happy dance from me.