348: A Burst of Sunshine in your Corazon

14 12 2010

By some flash of craziness, I went to tonight’s UAP Tandang Sora Chapter party as Sunshine Corazon, the character of Charice Pempengco in Glee Season 2.

Actually it was the only idea that came to mind. I’ve been thinking of what character I would dress up as at the party, and I had  almost decided to just pay the 50-peso fine. But then yesterday I bought the glasses and then this afternoon I got the rest of the costume together, even making my own colorful bangles a couple of hours before going to the venue. I almost didn’t push through with it, but the boyfriend egged me on and asked for pictures.

It was fun, despite the fact that the emcee kept calling me Betty La Fea. I won the “Cinderella of the night” award and got a CD-R King ballpen+laser pointer, and a couple more prizes for winning a game.

Although I didn’t get the costume as exact as I would’ve liked it, I think I got the look pretty well. The backpack is Hello Kitty, which I will give to my niece for Christmas. I bought the vest from an ukay-ukay, which I’ll probably embellish and give away or sell. I’ve had that skirt and those socks since forever, but I’ve never really found a use for them until now. I don’t know what I’ll do with the glasses, though. Maybe I’ll have it fitted with graded lenses.