311: 107 Gun Salute

7 11 2010

I’m a music person, but I’m not a radio person. I rarely listened to the radio especially when personal music players became prevalent. I had cassettes and CDs to listen to, I had little patience for DJ’s talking their heads off and annoying commercials when I only wanted to listen to music. Even when I did turn on the radio, I only listened to 3 stations: Jam88.3 for light stuff, 103.5 K-Lite for alternative, and NU 107.5 for my favorite genre. Jam changed music, K-lite went masa, now my favorite of all favorites is signing off for good at midnight tonight to morph into a different format. Saddest news EVER. I know there have been a lot of stations that have undergone revamps but this is the one that I feel most strongly about.

I’m not as fanatic as others out there. I didn’t listen regularly to any show, except for Remote Control Weekend (which isn’t actually a radio show per se), but NU was the first station I tuned into whenever I turned on the radio. They were the only station that played music that was consistently just right for my taste, and the rock jocks always made me laugh. Their 20- and 40-minute Rockathons were my companions on late nights drafting plates or studying for exams. I remember dreaming of becoming a DJ and sending a demo tape to audition (because I wanted to meet Zach Lucero). But I never really had the guts to record myself and sending it to the station (read: I hated the timbre of my voice). I have no regrets, though. I was content with being a listener.

In the last few days I have been listening to show upon show of stories and memories and tears and goodbyes. But the most important part were the thanks from everybody. A lot of rock musicians got their on air break on In The Raw or had their demos and songs played on NU even when other stations wouldn’t play them. There are a lot of listeners who have had life-changing moments because of NU, went to all the events, or listened incessantly, day in and day out. Me? I simply liked it.

Thank you NU107 for years and years of lovely music and intelligent conversation. I hope there will be at least one FM station will be as awesome as you were, so that the children of us who grew up to you have something great to listen to.
“For those about to rock, we salute you” – AC/DC