181: High Apple Pie

30 06 2010

The new president of the Philippines was inducted today, and all eyes are on the ceremony. Everybody has high hopes for this new administration, sometimes it gives me the impression that to some people, Noynoy is like a savior that will solve all the problems of the country. It’d be great to think that a person could actually do that within a 6-year term, but that’d be wishful thinking. Nevertheless, I’m optimistic that good changes will happen in time. And, as “P Noy” keeps on emphasizing, it’s a collective effort. He can’t do everything himself, even if he holds the highest position in our government. Everybody, from his most trusted advisers to the lowliest citizens should take upon themselves the responsibility of taking care of our country.


The title is from a children’s song, “High Hopes”

He’s got high hopes / he’s got high hopes / he’s got high apple pie in the sky hopes




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