178: And it was all yellow

27 06 2010

It was only on New Year’s Eve of 2010 that I learned how to take clear photos of the moon. My camera doesn’t have super zoom powers, but for a point-and-shoot I think I did pretty good. I really should use a tripod for a clearer shot, but I had to stand on a chair just to get a view so I really can’t use a tripod (i.e. tinatamad).

I suddenly remembered one of my first websites (hosted on Geocities, no less!) was named Hazy Moon simply because on the night when I was thinking of a name for my site, I chanced upon a full moon veiled by thin clouds, blurring its outline. I’ve also named some of my fictional characters with names related to the moon, and simply staring at the moon (in any phase) is as enjoyable for me as watching sunsets (which I love).

The title is from “Yellow” by Coldplay




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