151: Unfit

31 05 2010

Yesterday I got an email “save the date” message from my high school classmates getting married this October. Because of that, I began rummaging around my closet for an outfit I could use for the occasion. I unearthed this dress which I bought for a wedding which was scheduled last year but was delayed because of unforeseen circumstances. I didn’t attend it because it was too far away and I didn’t have the means. If it had pushed through with the original date, I would’ve been able to go. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The original dress was plain ivory-colored. I sewed on a pink scarf/shawl as a belt because I was following a reference photo provided by the bride. I was actually supposed to be a bridesmaid, hence the “dress code”. But since I couldn’t attend the reschedule, she had given the position to another friend.

Back to the original story, I was looking for a dress to use for this October wedding. I got this out, but I realized that it wasn’t coordinated with their color scheme so I was planning on adding burgundy ribbons and flowers to the straps and belt. After doing some fitting and deciding I need to work out a bit more (and tanning my legs to match my arms), I had this inkling of doubt whether a guest could wear white to a wedding. I searched on the innarnets and found out that wearing white, cream or ivory to a wedding is generally considered improper, unless you’re the bride or you’ve been specifically instructed to wear those colors.

So I can’t use this dress for wedding purposes. I’ll just have to wait for a different occasion where I can use this because it’d be such a waste if I couldn’t use it. As for the October wedding, it only means one thing: shopping time!




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