149: Water Baby

29 05 2010

I’ve loved swimming since I was a little kid. The whole mother-side used to go to Bauang, La Union (my grandfather’s province) at least once a year so I wasn’t a stranger to beaches, waves and sunburns. That’s why even before I took swimming lessons, I already knew how, nor was I scared of jumping off the deep end. I suppose my cousins and I also took after our mothers who also grew up frolicking on the beaches of La Union. As an uncle put it, “Para kayong mga balyena, pag nakakita ng tubig, lulusong agad.” Note the choice of word: BALYENA.

On my first real summer vacation as a student again, I was excited because I had two months’ worth of time to go on outings and swimming and trips to burn my shoulders on. But as the weeks progressed, no family outings were planned. SAD. That is, until my parents asked when our enrollment would start because they were planning on going to Palawan at the end of the month. YAY! Finally a real outing! But that plan didn’t pull through because of the expensive quote my parents got. Instead, they planned on going to Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. YAY! But one day before our intended departure, my dad told me we aren’t going anymore because of the weather. WAAAH.

Because we had nothing to do this weekend, my mom and I went to the nearby La Mesa Eco Park to swim in their new pool. For PhP 80 (plus park entrance), this is what we got:

Not bad, eh? I got to do a countless number of laps (as much as I could) because it was a proper pool with proper lanes and it wasn’t so crowded. The old pool in the park (still open) was amoeba-shaped and had an island with fountain jets so it wasn’t very good for laps. This new pool area also had a big children’s pool:

The area was landscaped pretty nicely. But always wear your slippers because the lanes are paved with loose gravel. In the background is the gazebo/bleachers by the Olympic-sized lap pool.

The only part that needs a lot of improvement was the shower room. I was surprised, though, that the shower heads were the large and expensive rain shower ones. They were sponsored, maybe?

One exterior wall had ivy starting to grow on it, so I guess that will improve the exterior look a lot when it’s fully grown. I hope the interior would look better in the future as well.

Overall, this new pool area was great. I hope I get to swim here more, should the weather cooperate.




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