144: My Precious

24 05 2010

On the trip to Lucban on May 15, one of our companions asked if I was engaged because I was wearing a ring. It was the first time anybody asked anything about my ring. I’ve been wearing it since it was bought in August last year, and nobody has asked me about it. It was August 6, to be exact. It was a week before the boyfriend was due to leave for Riyadh. He, being the sappy romantic that he was, bought us a pair of rings with a promise that as long as we are both wearing our rings, he’ll be back no matter what. It wasn’t some sort of insurance guaranteeing my loyalty, for I had no plans of leaving him in this lifetime nor the next. I was actually a bit reluctant because I didn’t want him to make  unnecessary purchases when he needed the money, and I wasn’t used to wearing rings. But it was a sweet and earnest gesture and I respect that, so I wear it.

No, I’m not engaged. Well… not yet, at least.




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