023: I Hope You Dance

23 01 2010

I hope you dance…. so you can make use of these shoes.

My mom went off to a dance rehearsal/lesson a while ago, in preparation for my cousin’s wedding on February. They set a dance theme to their wedding (like color schemes and flowers), and they chose Foxtrot. His older brother’s wedding three years ago had Salsa as their dance theme, and we all had our salsa lessons then. Where this fad of choosing dance themes is beyond me. I have nothing against ballroom dancing, and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it when I dance, but it’s not exactly something I’d think about when planning a wedding.

Anyway, the story of this is that my mom had no dancing shoes (she gave it to my competitive ballroom dancing cousin) so I showed her my pair which I used in the Salsa Wedding. Of course she couldn’t use it because I was a half shoe size smaller than her, but it was worth a try. When I took the shoebox back in my closet, that was when the lightbulb struck. Hence, this photo.

The dress is from way back in Senior Prom. I accidentally snapped one of the straps while I was putting it on, so I got an instant asymmetrical right there. It was too long so I had to pull it up to show my shoes, which were the highlight of the shot. I chose to crop out most of my face because I didn’t bother to fix myself up nor do my hair. It’s the shoes that matter, the shoes! (LOL making excuses)

Speaking of the shoes, I’ve been told they’re the real good kind, and are really meant for dancing. Its soles are suede and they’re really a lot more comfortable than most high heels I’ve tried on. I was even unsure of whether I actually wore these the whole day of the Salsa Wedding simply because I didn’t remember being in pain (and I guess you guys already know how I feel about heels). And to think I was rushing up and down and all around the slopes of Taal Vista Lodge at the time.

I’ll likely be wearing these again at the Foxtrot Wedding

Rosa Amaya USA




3 responses

23 01 2010

But dancing shoes feel GOOD on the feet. They’re extra soft, and flexible. If only I can wear them outside the ballroom, I would! Hehe.

And great job on the cropping! It looks more dramatic this way.

And I REALLY thought the dress fell just until your calves!

23 01 2010

I’ve worn them outside… on grass. XD .. it was inevitable since the reception was outdoors.
LOL If I had a rose I’d have done a Tango or Flamenco pose. Then again, I wouldn’t be able to pull the hem up to that length.

27 12 2010
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