006: Shoes.. they hate me.

6 01 2010

I’ve grown fond of these zebra-striped shoes since I started using them just before Christmas. They were gathering dust in my closet for some time because I didn’t think it’d go with any clothes I had, but they actually looked good! I thought I had worn them often enough that I wouldn’t get any more blisters, but boy, WAS I WRONG!

Curiously enough, only my right heel suffered from a nasty blister and not the left. I guess that means my right foot is a bit bigger. Also, I got cramps because my efforts to avoid rubbing the blister against the shoe tenses up my leg muscles.

Lesson learned: never wear closed shoes without emergency band-aids in my bag.


I also did a series of “manly” poses, which is a play on my skirt and slightly girly clothes (as opposed to how I dressed and acted in the past; a few people actually thought I was lesbian LOL… well, not that I’m all girly-girly nowadays, but you get my point, right?). There were so many, but I think this first one was the best. The others looked too akward, and eventually degenerated to this:


The skirt is from Baguio ukay-ukay bought by my mom; the top is from Bangkok and was given to me as a gift; the shoes are from my aunt who (fortunately for me) has the same shoe size as mine. The boyish good looks are from God. XD




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26 01 2010
026: Windy day « everyday bananas

[…] was so windy today! I loved walking around campus even though I had my evil zebra-striped shoes on. When I got home I tried taking photos outside where it’s all windy, but I failed at that […]

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