005.5: shopping for the boyfriend

5 01 2010

During my lunch break today I went shopping for some clothes that boyfie requested. A friend is flying back to Riyadh (the one who brought me my chocolates) next week so I’m sending these clothes to boyfie through him. Boyfie said that clothes are expensive over there so if we get the chance (which is now) I’ll just send him what he needs. Besides, I can approximate his size (provided that he didn’t get fat) and I knew his taste in clothing.

I bought two 20% off shirts from Artwork (I couldn’t decide which one to get…so I got both! LOL) and jeans from Bench (on sale for 400 pesos!). I was just supposed to take pics of the clothes I bought so he could see, but I went crazy and wore them. I just realized that I could actually wear his clothes O_o They’re a bit on the loose side. But, hey, I’ve seen oversized tees being worn, so why not?

At first I thought I could just use these as stock photos for days when I wouldn’t have anything to post…. but then that’d be cheating. So here’s day #005.5

Shirt #1: I love the design on this one

Shirt #2: dogs (particularly Labs) have a special place in our hearts

The jeans. I could actually use this if I had a good belt. O_o Wake-up call: I need to lose some inches!

The shirt is still boyfie’s, also from Artwork, but not new. I just have some of his shirts stored in my closet.

As boyfriend said, “Sinumpong ka nanaman.”




3 responses

6 01 2010

Bagay sayo lol! Magshopping ka ulit para sa kanya, tago mo na yan! Heeheehee.

I personally prefer small men’s shirts over baby tees any day.

6 01 2010

LOL I have small-sized unisex shirts, which I usually wear when I feel casual or bloated. XD
Sabi nga n’ya sa akin ako na lang gumamit ng mga iniwan n’ya na shirt. After this… I just might do that! :p

27 02 2010
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[…] with the last time I went shopping for him, I wore his clothes and sent him the […]

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