282: Sitting Pretty

9 10 2010

Hmmmm this scaled model of an Egyptian chair seems to work well as a cellphone holder. LOL. My desk was too cluttered and full because of the drafting board on it, so I had to relocate some stuff.


281: Fragments

8 10 2010

Today I was looking for more furniture to add to my furniture schedule. It’s a part of the requirements of my last plate for the semester. I had to look for furniture, description, price, source (store where they could be bought) and supplier contact information, then organize them in a furniture schedule format. Along the way I came across these nice mirrors at Kultura at SM North.

Here’s another nice accessory: Bird cages.

280: Little Lulu

7 10 2010

Little Lulu, Little Lulu, with freckles on your chin,

Always in and out of trouble, but mostly always in.

I might as well call my puppy Lulu because of all the mischief she always gets herself in. This time she reached the pack of dried peat moss on top of that blue plastic bag behind her and ripped it open. YAY.

279: WAIT…. WAT

6 10 2010

I went to Makati to meet with boyfie today. I saw this “ALLOWED” sign while going down the stairs of MRT Magallanes station. Needless to say, the sign made me do a double take. I mean, really….. what?

278: Rush, Rush

5 10 2010

Today was an extremely stressful day. What, with a presentation and submission of the final plate for Interior Plantscaping class this afternoon and our group still had to assemble and document our output.

In the end, despite the pissed-off-ness of our prof, our group was the one with the best comments which took the panic off my group’s shoulders.

YAY one final submission down!

277: The Closest Thing

4 10 2010

Hot pan de sal, kesong puti, tsokolate eh.

If breakfast was served in heaven, this would probably be it.

276: Family Meeting

3 10 2010

By the efforts of my cousin, he organized a lunch out with the cousins and boyfie as a birthday treat-slash-despedida to boyfie. That’s really sweet. Here we are at Amici Megamall, which was admittedly not as yummy as the original at Don Bosco, but good enough. It’s kinda funny how organizing cousin and boyfie share a Halloween birthday. Not all the cousins were able to make it, but it’s okay. We had fun 🙂

Organizing cousin at right, other October-birthday cousin at left.

The only baby present, Lance who seemed to love aglio olio pasta