Foodie Kids

4 07 2009

After class, jamming, overnight at Makati, a fire, seeing both my baby godsons, an interior design visit, and a two grocery bags full of stuff (read all about it on my multiply site), I finally got to see the latest Food Magazine issue where my aunt (who is the editor-in-chief) got my chef cousin to contribute recipes for their cake features.


I was browsing through the magazine when I came upon an article about Goldilocks cakes and their 40-year heritage. Collaged among images of the “oldest Goldilocks cake photo”, Kris Aquino’s cake for Baby James, a 2-year-old candle-blowing Dingdong Dantes, and other birthday cakes were… *gasp* photos of me and my cousins! Our kid photos were used again! “We should be getting talent fees already,” I quipped. Granted, my aunt has used family photos a number of times before for her food articles so it wasn’t much of a surprise. This particular photo is pretty funny, though (at least for me). Also the photo of my other two cousins with the Spiderman cake and JASMS t-shirts was hilarious.


Yay for my cousin~

SDC10377Surprise! Your picture’s been printed…again! (click to full view)

As with the rest of the Filipino population, we’ve all had our Goldilocks birthday cakes when we were kids, particularly those thematic ones with cartoon or comic characters, and plastic balloons and edible flowers. And even though the characters are different, the imaging technology and styling of cakes are more high tech, it still doesn’t change the fact that cakes are integral with any celebration. And the long-running tradition still goes on, that birthday cakes have to have the candles re-lit so that every kid in the party will be sung the birthday song and blow the candles out regardless if they’re celebrating anything or not.

*it should also be noted that the chef cousin mentioned above is the one in the Batman shirt. LOLz



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