275: This is it

2 10 2010

Today marks the first big wedding of our high school class. I note “big” because somebody in our class has already gotten married but very, very covertly. This had a church ceremony, restaurant reception, the whole shebang. Some classmates who were abroad even flew in to attend. Look at everybody looking all dashing and fabulous!

Okay, so I didn’t take this photo, it’s the official photographer’s shot. But in occasions such as this it’s best to leave the photo-taking to the professionals. That’s what they’re hired for, anyway. In these cases I usually take photos of other, less noticed stuff… like food.

Extremely tiny pieces pan de sal

Turon with peanut butter is YUM

The yummy wedding cake is the famous Estrel’s Caramel Cake

Congratulations to Rosana and Momon! We love you!

oh, and by the way, I finally bought a dress at Surplus Shop in SM Makati for about 300 pesos, the shawl is 199 at the same store, and the shoes are my dancing shoes. Savings FTW!




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