255: Kagay-an Day 2

12 09 2010

Today was a day of unplanned adventures, discoveries, and amazingly cheap finds. The first of which was the interesting stuff I found behind the cross at the Cathedral.

We had to walk around a lot searching for a restaurant that was actually open

And we found this awesome chicken inato restaurant that was yummy and really cheap (less than 70 pesos for this meal, compared to 90+ for an equivalent in Manila. Oh, and did I mention that the rice was refillable?)

We also discovered a LOL-worthy poster or two

And had an impromptu jeepney road trip to Opol beach where we discovered the disgusting mud-like texture of some parts underwater.

The day went by so quickly, and we found ourselves spending our last night in the city singing the night away in the cheapest KTV we will probably ever encounter. WOOT!




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