244: Introducing…. Siomai

1 09 2010

Finally, the family has agreed on a name for our new baby: Siomai. Originally boyfie and I wanted to name her Lumpia (i.e. spring rolls) because the carrying basket she came in looked like the ones ambulant lumpia vendors carried. But my mother didn’t like it because it sounded too “palengke,” so she suggested Siomai instead, which, according to her, sounded more sophisticated.



Anyway, it wasn’t as if I could argue with her. They all call her Mai or MaiMai, which I don’t like because I have a friend who has a similar nickname. I’m practically the only one calling her Siomai.

So here she is: Siomai!

She has GIGANTIC ears, which are adorable ❤

She likes rolling around in the grass, decimating fallen leaves as she goes.

Chews on grass, too

She is simply the cutest thing ^_____^




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