232: Welcome to the Club

20 08 2010

Finally, after a year (or more) of being a member of the United Architects of the Philippines, I’m inducted into the Tandang Sora Chapter. I actually moved to this one from QC chapter, because nothing was happening to me there. It took a lot of legwork, phone calls, payments and waiting for me to get to this point, and I’m not gonna miss it for the world. I dragged the boyfriend along as my escort/personal photographer, also for quality time. After class met up with him at Trinoma where I also changed from school casual to semi-formal. After killing some time (and my feet because I was in heels), we went over to Max’s at Matalino St. at the scheduled time (6pm), then waited…. and waited….. *stomach grumbles* and waited for the program to start.

It ended up starting at 9. NINE! GAH! Everybody was so hungry. Thankfully our table was nearest to the buffet. The whole shebang ended near midnight because of how late it started. Good thing I had my escort/bodyguard to take me home. ❤

With some of my batchmates. We do not look hungry in this photo. Looks can be deceiving.

Me, wearing, for the first time, the dress I won from UkayManila (which I modified slightly), and some of my co-inductees. Just look at how many inserts I just did in that previous sentence!

I haz a happy! 😀




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