219: Not-Quite-Secret Garden

7 08 2010

For Loraine’s birthday, which was planned at least a month before because we (The Amigas) had to set a weekend when we were all free and all in Metro Manila, we hopped on a bus to Brgy. Buck Estate somewhere past Tagaytay, and walked the “1.5 km” to Sonya’s Garden! We ate, ate, ate, ate, took pictures and laughed off all (well,  most of) the calories we took in. The place was lovely for taking photos, it had flowering plants, charming details and a bunch of little nooks just calling you to have pictorials in. Thankfully the place was by-reservation-only so there weren’t hordes of people taking selfies, just a few… like us. 😀

At the entrance of Brgy. Buck Estate beside the highway. That “1.5 km” sign is a LIE! *shake fist*

Sarah and Loraine walking way ahead of Beth and I (They were probably a lot hungrier). This street, though long, was the prettiest I’ve ever walked through. Beth and I took even longer because we were laughing our asses off after a vehicle stopped to ask us how far Sonya’s Garden was. We had been walking for quite a while and we have no idea how much further we were supposed to keep walking. As I said, that “1.5 km” sign is a LIE!


The tent/greenhouse/indoor/outdoor dining hall a.k.a. the view from my seat a.k.a I’m too tired and hungry to get up and take a proper photo.

Stuffed myself with salad and bread even before the main course

You get to mix and match your own pasta

It’s the little details that count (little cowrie shells on the washroom curtains).

Kitschy chandelier

A beautiful canopy

Oh, look a congregation of old chairs! ❤

One of two huge labradors lounging around the grounds

Random beautiful flowers in the surrounding garden

More beautiful (and even more random) flowers

One of the many little nooks to hang out and take photos in

😀 I love my girls

Birthday girl is satisfied (i.e. full of food beyond human comprehension)




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