208: Stars and Guitars

27 07 2010

Throughout the whole day, I had the phrase “Stars and Guitars” in my head. Maybe because I was wearing my starry blouse. I had the idea that it was the title of a song or name of a band or album. As it turns out, it’s an album by country singer Willie Nelson. Hmmm. I’m not a fan of country, so I have no idea why I thought of it. Is there an OPM group, song or album with the same name?

Anyway, today turned out to be an opportunity for me to take down my old guitar and strum on it a bit. It’s been ages since I held a guitar and it’s been even longer since I actually played something. When I started taking drum lessons I’ve hardly touched a guitar, so it’s not a surprise that I can’t play whole songs anymore. The only songs I could play from start to finish would be Blackbird and Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles. Plus, I’d be very slow in shifting chords by now. I’m not even sure if that’s an actual chord I’m playing there. LOL. I need practice.




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