207: Relearning What Has Been Unlearned

26 07 2010

Drafting class. ew.

This was the class I had tried to skip, but the department head wouldn’t let me, so I’m taking it this semester. The prof was surprised to see me on the first day, asking, “what are you doing here?” Anyway, I’m there, so I’ll just have to live with it. I actually haven’t by-the-book drafted anything for a couple of years. Then again, I’ve never really drafted by-the-book. I always did some sort of shortcut or modified method or, in the case of my work, freehand. So this class really made me feel… constricted.

I still use the general  principles of Language of Line and drafting standards, but the one thing that disturbs me to the core is block lettering. I’ve never been good at it, and no matter how much practice I do, I never seem to get the hang of it. Add to that the years of using my own style of lettering, my proper “American National Standard Alphabet” has diminished to nothingness.

So, as I said, I’ll just have to live with it.




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