203: Secret Garden

22 07 2010

Because of a class requirement, I had to go with a partner to Brgy. Krus na Ligas to visit, observe and interview a family. On the way there from College of Architecture, we pass by this gate through which a mysterious garden lurks. One day when I passed by, the gate was open so I went inside. I hear people working, but I didn’t meet anybody while I was inside. I just went around and took pictures.

The mysterious open gate with overgrown with trees, vines and other plants.

Inside. See the line of potted plants beyond the archway.

So this is the bonsai garden I’ve heard about.

Beyond the large tree are more bonsai and it seems as if the grounds go further down. But a dog was barking angrily at me and I didn’t know if it was tied to a leash so I decided not to risk it. One day, though, I should go back and explore some more.




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