198: In Living Color

17 07 2010

The best part about the Architecture building (Jugilon Hall) when we moved in on my 5th year were the tiles in the washrooms. Plucked from our comfort zone (Melchor Hall), we were thrown out to the outskirts of civilization. There was no noise, no canteen, no jeepney (Toki jeeps haven’t changed their route yet), and, most importantly, NO FISHBALL STAND. There was news of a recent body-dumping of a rape victim in the grassy vicinity. It was hot. It stank of garbage. It was unfinished. Given that, the only piece of sunshine we got was inside the washrooms. Now it’s much better, though. And the washroom tiles are still bright and happy as ever.

“Peace sign pose”. LOL. I like this shot because I could see my barely-there eyeshadow. :p




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