188: Two-step Beauty

7 07 2010

Step 1: Apply BB cream to face.

Step 2: Look fabulous.


As usual, I’m being ridiculous. Then again, it just might be (just might!) a satire on the instant beauty that BB cream advocates swear by. A single product to solve all your face problems even on the first application?

It’s not like I’m against it. I’m actually very interested to find a product that would do exactly that, and the fact that I’ve dished out money for the stuff is proof enough. This Maybelline BB is the second kind I’ve bought but in the few days I’ve been using it, it hasn’t lived up to the hype. I guess with the multitudes of brands and formulations of BB creams, I haven’t found the best one for me. But I’m having doubts if I ever will because most of them are too expensive for my beauty budget. For now, I’ll use up this tube (and the other one which I haven’t emptied yet) and we’ll see from there.

I do love the packaging design, though.





2 responses

17 07 2010

Sar! haha i’m trying out this one din.. hmm.. so far, ewan ko pa.. kasi twice ko pa lang nagagamit tapos puro wala akong tulog.. so i guess hindi ata counted lol

19 07 2010

Hahaha baka nga di counted yun. So far I don’t have improvement in terms of skin condition. :-/ ok lang sa simula, mga 3-4 hours then parang wala lang. oily pa rin.

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