160: Bit More Laid Back Wednesday

9 06 2010

My morning (and only) class is postponed to Friday, so I went straight to the Registrar’s office to pay for my additional 3 units. It was quite a long wait on the line, but we had seats so it was kinda okay. After that I didn’t have anything else to do so I went to SM to have my laptop checked because I get a lot of blue screen moments and it’s quite frustrating. Plus, I’m expecting to use Nanashi the laptop a lot more for official business so I need him to be more reliable. After talking to Chris of Laptop Repair in SM Annex and having him check the hardware out, he took out one of the 1GB RAMs and let me try and observe the performance. It appears that the problem is about memory management and the two 1GB RAMs are not working well together anymore. I said I’d observe it some more and come back if I still get BSODs. So far so good, I haven’t had an error or blue screen since. 😀

I had a meal before going to consult about my laptop and I didn’t want to go home just yet so I hung out at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, ordered my favorite Moroccan Mint Tea Latte and spent the rest of the afternoon there.




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