159: Busiest First Day EVER

8 06 2010

Time and time again, I’ve experienced first days of school being spent inside a classroom or at the nearest snack/fishball/isaw stand waiting in vain for the prof to arrive. Sometimes, as in the case of Arki, this even happens during the whole first week of class. Some professors have the decency to announce the actual date of our first meeting in advance, but some simply don’t show up. I’ve learned to bring some sort of entertainment to while away the time: a book, a music player, a sketchpad. I make plan B’s in my head so I know where to hang out in the (very likely) occurrence of a no-show.

But this time it’s different. Despite the fact that I only had one class today, I went to school early to try and get another 3-unit class. I did get it, but also learned that one of my already paid for classes got dissolved and I had to go to arki to clear up the matter. The problem is, the only other schedule available for that class is already overbooked by one and the registration assistant was already advising me to have my payment refunded and I take the class next sem. I just had 11 freakin’ units. I don’t wanna delay any more subjects that I could take now. Thankfully, I had a chat with the college dean about my situation and had him vouch for me through a letter asking the class’ instructor to accommodate me. Ah, the perks of having your ex-adviser become the dean of the college, I am enjoying it.

My adventure of getting an additional 3 units and trying to fix the dissolved class issue took me back and forth between CHE and Arki multiple times. Add to that my afternoon class which was handled by a substitute for the day (Surprise, I had a class on the first day!) and the fact that I brought my heavy-ass laptop to school today, you get a very, very tired me.





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