154: Cure for the Head

3 06 2010

It may be a headache because of the heat, time-of-the-month pains, my laptop blue-screening on me, or my trying to decide which website hosting plan to get. I don’t know how much storage I need! I was checking out different webhosts and their offered packages, I realized there really is a lot of the innarnets that I don’t know yet, and I haven’t considered getting a webhost before because I thought it was pretty daunting. To think that I used to design my own website by typing pure HTML on Notepad! I think I stopped learning at basic CSS. I’m not aiming to learn the coding languages, but I hope at least to get an overview of them so I don’t get intimidated by jargon.

As per Sarah‘s suggestion, I’m trying out for page.ph‘s site sponsorship, as what she did years ago. I hope I get one! That will really lift my headache. For now, an ice-cold water bottle will do.




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