152: Non-phobia

1 06 2010

I had a friend who once asked me if I had any phobias. I thought long and hard and wasn’t able to come up with anything. I wasn’t afraid of any of the usual phobia-ble things: bugs, worms, heights, dead bodies, or any other common ones. I even have a certain level of love for bugs, particularly spiders, because of their beautiful colors and alien shapes. I am afraid of flying cockroaches landing on me, but that’s more out of disgust than an uncontrollable fear. Maybe I do have some phobia, but I haven’t found it yet. Not that I’m looking forward to it, though.

I found this little guy just as I was going to bed. I was trying to climb on my hand so I could take him (or her?) outdoors in its natural environment, but it refuses to be caught. I just let it be and hoped that it doesn’t jump inside my mouth while I was sleeping. I didn’t have a nasty taste in my mouth when I woke up, so I guess it’s all good.




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