132: Exposed

12 05 2010

My dad saw today’s 365 photos on the camera! Thankfully today’s shots weren’t too ridiculous. Thankfully, he only asked who took photos of me (“Ako lang. Timer,” I answered) and didn’t pry further. I haven’t said this yet, but I don’t tell anybody of this 365 project except for my friends on Plurk. All my photos are extremely stealthy covert operations, usually done behind locked doors or in empty halls. That is, unless a different person takes my photo. Even then, they have no idea that it’s for this blog.

I’m the photographer. I’m the one holding the camera. For the longest time I always refuse to have solo pictures taken. I’m uncomfortable when people take photos of me, that’s why I volunteer to take pictures so I could hide behind it. This 365 selfie project is actually quite a long stretch for me, because I put myself in front of the lens, a place I avoid being in.

Maybe someday, when I’m more comfortable making ridiculous poses in front of somebody else pressing the shutter button, I’ll publicize this more. For now, it’s just me and you who most likely got here through plurk. 🙂




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