131: Tastes Like Chicken

11 05 2010

At the very last minute, boyfie sends me a message to buy him some stuff because a friend is flying to Riyadh on the 13th. WAAAAAH panic! Good thing his list was short and (sorta) precise. He left the style and color to my judgement. He asked for a T-shirt from Artwork that had “makulit na design.” I browsed through all the (male size) racks and this was the most “makulit” I could find. I dunno, somehow the selection today wasn’t so funny/witty. But this’ll do, I suppose. 🙂

Artwork PhP439.75

Item #2 is jeans. Black Raw OJ jeans, slim fit. Bench PhP799.75

Jeans as scarves? HMMMMMM


The tag is so cool! I love it!

He asked for a few more items that I am not authorized to show, so…no pics. :p There is one item, though, which is half premeditated and half impulse buy: this backpack from Clipper.

I saw one of these in Clipper Glorietta 1 once about two years ago and at the time I thought I’d just come back some other day to buy it. It was easy going there since I was living/working in Makati then. I came back a couple of days later and it’s GONE. They didn’t have stocks of that specific bag with that specific print. All they had with that same print was a giant drawstring bag. Meh. Since then, everytime I saw a Clipper store I’d look if they had this backpack, but to no avail. I eventually forgot about it. When I went shopping for boyfie’s stuff today I passed by Clipper and while browsing through the merchandise, I almost jumped with joy when I saw the bag! YAY! I wasn’t planning on buying anything for myself but I didn’t want to skip on the opportunity again this time so I got it. Sometimes it’s when you aren’t looking for something that it appears in front of you. 😀

Knapsack, Clipper PhP499.75

I’m happy!

Detail of the print. Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, The Thing, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, and another one… I couldn’t distinguish if that’s Quicksilver or Mr. Fantastic.


What tastes like chicken? 😀

Have I mentioned that boyfie is Kapampangan? And frogies are yummeh




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