130: Precinct Couture

10 05 2010

Since I wasn’t able to vote today because of disenfranchisement, I’ll just talk about what I did while waiting for my parents to finish voting. I tagged along with them to our precinct in Brgy. Nayong Kanluran, QC just in case my name would appear in the voter’s list hard copy. But it didn’t, so I was left outside with about an hour to waste. I walked around the neighborhood taking pictures of the banderitas-like campaign posters, flowers, old houses and people’s outfits. As for me I wore cargo shorts, Hush Puppies sandals, white Dri-fit shirt, boyfie’s shades, and a belt bag to carry my camera and wet wipes.

Here’s some pictures of the scene:

It’s fiesta time

Along Del Monte Avenue

Two tents and waiting areas for the two clustered precincts at the baranggay hall

Where bumpers go to die

I love this house so much I want to own it and restore it to its vintage glory ❤

This ate and bunso pair are so cute. I helped them buy yema at the tindahan


As for voter fashion…:

The “Hipster-y bigotilyo” look

The “Skinny jeans and t-shirt” look

the PPCRV look

The “Groovy dudes in baggy pants and fedoras” look

Hats are prevalent

And, of course, the kinanginang jejecap look.

Most popular is similar to what I wore: The “T-shirt, long shorts and slippers” look

Even Mr. Mangtataho is sporting the look, with added taho accessories

Alternately, you can opt for the “Collared shirt, shorter shorts and rubber shoes” look.

Same as previous look, accessorized with a Sure Fit (or shorpet, whichever you like)

The “Parreh, I just got back from Galera where my barkada shaved my Mohawk parreh” look

The polo shirt with embroidered Philippine map is prevalent, of course.

The “Preggy man” look (I do like his loafers, tho)

The Sporty look

The “Hottie in black lace-y racer back” look

Of course my mom is the most shining example of voter fashion (she’s wearing one of my fabric flowers on her headband :D)


And that’s it for Precinct Couture, I’m Sara reporting on the spot! I’d like to thank “Diktador” motorbike for my props. LOL

The “Weird girl posing beside a motorbike she doesn’t own” look




4 responses

10 05 2010

ang linis ng kalsada. I should have taken pics at my precinct.

10 05 2010

Haha. Medyo malinis nga dun sa amin. Pero may kalat din mas malapit sa baranggay hall.

10 05 2010

haaha. panalo. i like this post a lot. i wore skinny jeans and a shirt too. i really should have won shorts nlng tlga.

– reena

10 05 2010

Haha thanks! I wanted to post more pics of the houses, but I focused the blog post more on the clothes. :p

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