124: Quasi-curls

4 05 2010

One of my childhood dreams was to have curly hair. YES I CAN BE THAT SHALLOW. I wanted to have corkscrew curls or ringlets because they had so much character. Ironically, I had natural curly hair until I was a toddler then it kinda straightened out for some reason. Presenting, Exhibit A:

This isn’t my cutest baby picture, but I think being placed beside a Cory doll effectively demonstrates how curly my hair was then.

I was bored with my long, straight hair and how lifeless and flat it is. Hair clips and headbands and scrunchies didn’t work very well because they easily slip off. My hair was too smooth, somebody said. I had a childhood episode once when my mom and I went to the parlor and I came home with my bangs (only my bangs) curled. It was hilarious and sort of embarrassing, but I still wanted to have curly hair. I grew up and got to watch Card Captor Sakura. I LOVED TOMOYO’S HAIR! I wanted my hair to look just like hers: long, straight, then suddenly wavy at the ends.

But there’s a problem. I don’t like treatments. I get an unpleasant sensation when stylists use a hair dryer on me, what more with curling irons. I don’t like the idea of putting chemicals on my hair and squeezing them between scalding-hot metal tongs. So what’s a straight-haired girl to do when she wants curls? Clamp hair (or tie in a tightly-twisted bun) while still wet, wait several hours as hair dries, remove clamp and enjoy… while it lasts.

I can still dream, can’t I? 😀




2 responses

6 05 2010

SAME HERE!!!!! I used to put my hair in buns or braids just to have curly hair afterwards. Lol.

6 05 2010

LOL I didn’t know you did that too XD sarah=sara

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