106: Of Designer Chairs and Door #2

16 04 2010

When Sarah plurked that she wanted to go to this place, I said, “tara.” Which translates to “Let’s go!” She wanted to go on Saturday but I couldn’t so we were thinking of next week. But in a sudden turn of events, I had to go to Makati for money’s sake so I thought I should just hang out there and meet with the girls after (their) work. The night before, though, I looked at the article again, saw the pictures and had a wait-a-minute moment: Those are Panton stacking side chairs! The design geek in me did a somersault. I immediately wanted to have a photo sitting on it. So that’s the story behind this.

But, after much observation and thought, those aren’t actually original. The support ribs underneath the seat gave it away, and the surface is textured instead of shiny smooth. Nevertheless, it was an experience to sit in something like that.

Trilogy Boutique + Canteen is a pretty cool place. I have no idea how I never noticed it despite the fact that it’s just behind my old office building and we used to buy sisig takeout at the Jollijeep along the same street. Anyway, the food is nice and reasonably priced (around PhP100-300), the people are great (I rarely hear a “you’re welcome” to my usual thank you’s) and  the merchandise is pretty but is way too good for my wallet (i.e. damn expensive).

Loraine, Beth and Scott. And my bag. And empty food and beverage containers.

Good ol’ lime green Abe.

Door #2 is where the washroom is. It didn’t occur to me to ask why it was labeled 2. All I said was a quick (very intelligent) disclaimer that I wasn’t gonna do a #2 in there.

My favorite thing in the shop.




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