105: Au Naturelle

15 04 2010

I went running with my dad at La Mesa Eco Park today. This is the open space/amphitheater at the Orchidarium area. There’s a walkway all around it lined with trees, shrubs and, of course, orchids. This lush garden is only a tiny part of the park, and an even tinier part of the whole La Mesa Dam watershed. It is amazing and refreshing to think that there’s still something like this so near our home. And when I say near, I meant near. At the end of our street is a wall and there once was a small passage where we would slip through into La Mesa territory. That was a time when people and cars could still pass along the road on top of the Dam. Now it’s closed to public (with good reason), and all we could do is climb 117 steps to look at the reservoir (and catch our breath).

But the park, though small, is a lovely place to be in. You could tell how picturesque the place is by the number of couples having their pre-nuptial photo shoots taken there any day of the week. I love to go there because I have an infinite source of my favorite photography subject: Nature.

La Mesa Eco Park

Main Entrance Fee – PhP 80

If QC Resident (with ID) – PhP 40

If Student (with ID) – PhP 20

Swimming pool entrance (in addition to main entrance fee) – PhP 80




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