104: Framed

14 04 2010

I weird myself out sometimes.

Anyway, the focus today is my new glasses. I got them yesterday after a check-up to find out that my right eye got one grade-step lower and my left’s astigmatism dropped as well. YAY! I got myself new contact lenses, too. I can finally use shades.

For the past month and a half I haven’t got any contact lenses so I’m forced to use my glasses. But when I wear my old pair I don’t feel girly enough to dress up or put on make up, which frustrated me at times. So I got myself new frames with which I (hopefully) could feel confident enough to use even when I’m dressed up.





2 responses

19 04 2010

hahaha..don’t worry, you weird us too sometimes. lol

nice frames. ndi sa akin bagay ganyan for some reason. kakainis nga eh. haha. so i just wear frameless glasses. 🙂

19 04 2010

oops that was me pala — reena

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