097: The Cobonpue Effect

7 04 2010

Today I submitted my last requirement for the semester, and what a way to end it: after struggling to find a place to ring bind my plates, I hurried over to Ayala Museum to attend an inspiring talk by world-famous furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Most people recognize him as the Cebuano furniture designer whose bed Brad Pitt sleeps in. “It’s actually his son who sleeps in it,” he corrected.

I learned about the event from Azrael which was coincidentally the same event my interior designer aunt was inviting me to attend. I got to the venue with just enough time to spare to switch seats with my seatmate’s daughter, buy a bottle of water at the ministop across the street, and take a few photos without being reprimanded.

Here are some quotes I took down:

On contemporary design: “I could be in a hotel in Shanghai or Sao Paulo but I wouldn’t know where I was until I look out the window.”

On creating: “All the world’s greatest monuments were built by hand, even ours.”

On design: “Every part must have  a purpose… Everything is structural.”

On design: “A design is not finished until there is something I could add to it [and it is finished when] there is nothing else I can take away.”

On building a brand: “Branding is a story. And you tell that story over and over again until the whole world gets it.”

On education and mentoring: “Who you learn it from makes a difference.”

Upon listening to Kenneth Cobonpue talk about his designs and how he came up with them, it just seems so simple. He makes it look so easy. It’s really inspiring, and after his talk, I felt that I could design just about anything.

Pigalle (front) and Yoda (back)

The Tilt Armchair is made of a wooden frame whose pieces are cut in different angles. “This is to confuse the Chinese from copying it.” Hahaha

He is awesome.

More pics here 😀




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