088: There, I make you look better

29 03 2010

It’s my brother’s birthday today! So here’s an old photo of him showing off his favorite books (The Ugly Duckling and a We Wish You A Merry Christmas that plays an actual melody) while I fix up his hair so we look alike. I wonder where those lawn chairs are now.

Some people are surprised to know that I have a big brother, because they don’t see him with us. He’s been living in the US with our father-side relatives for almost 3 years now. Then again, even if he were in the Philippines, he isn’t very present in my life. No, we’re not close. When we were kids he was always my anti-matter. He teased me a lot and if I wanted something, he’d want the opposite (e.g. I wanted to eat at Jollibee, he wanted to go to McDonald’s). When we were older the teasing stopped and was replaced by silence. He grew distant and spent more time with friends than at home and even if he were home he’d usually lock himself in his room. I let him be, figuring that he’d grow out of it someday.

I’ve never felt I had a protective, caring, guiding sibling. Then again, I could attribute my independent mind to his behavior. Hehe. Either way, he’s still my brother no matter what. Happy birthday, kuya!




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