070: pizzapasta

11 03 2010

Aside from the old staples like CASAA and Rodics, I’m discovering the new places to eat around campus. Long Island is one of those which didn’t exist during my first term in UP, but I’m thankful that it exists this time around. Located at the kiosk at the Main Library (Engineering side), Long Island is a great place for those who crave good pasta but don’t mind the anti-fine dining ambiance (note that I’m eating at the Library’s side steps). Their prices are the typical pasta price, yet their quality tops any of the so-called pasta I’ve tried around campus. This carbonara+2 slices of pizza combo set me back only 60 pesos.

They have a large selection of pasta, not just the usual baked mac, lasagna, meat sauce, and carbonara. They also have pizza and chicken and empanadas. Most importantly, they have ice cream! But I haven’t tried that last one yet because I’m still being stingy at the moment. Maybe when I get the payment for my sideline. LOL




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