062: The White Queen of Empty Halls

3 03 2010

I watched Alice in Wonderland, thanks to Sarah for thinking of me as a Johnny Depp fangirl. She gave me her extra ticket so after class I went over to Megamall to watch it in 3D a day before it opens in all cinemas!

I had no preconceptions about this movie. I’ve read the books (Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass) ages ago, so I was wondering why the Mad Hatter had such a seemingly big role in this film. He had a relatively small part in the book. Despite that, I didn’t bother to research more about it. As it turns out, this movie isn’t a retelling of the books, rather, an extension of them.

In the end, I totally loved it. And if I had to choose, I’d say my favorite is the White Queen played by Anne Hathaway for her impeccable poise.

Azrael is hosting a contest for an Alice in Wonderland collectible pocket watch. He brought a sample and we got to play with it for a while (drooling). I wanna win!

I can haz this watch? Puhleeeeeze? 😀

Alice in Wonderland starts showing tomorrow, March 4, 2010. Watch it on 3D! It’s a must!

Thanks to Sarah for the photos  (and the ticket!) 🙂




2 responses

7 03 2010

Wheeeee! *hug* I looooooooooove the way you edited the photo!

8 03 2010

Yay! XD I just upped the white levels there.

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