056: Rabid

25 02 2010

Went shopping for the boyfriend again, because another friend of a friend will fly to Riyadh in a few weeks’ time. This time around, though, I bought a shirt for myself as well with the same print as the one I chose for boyfie. I LOVE IT!

As with the last time I went shopping for him, I wore his clothes and sent him the pictures:

Boyfie’s shirt (Artwork)

The main reason why I bought a pair of shirts: to get the free pair of coin purses. This one’s what I will send boyfie: “Lupa”


This one’s mine: “Langit”

The other shirt I bought for him.

I was frustrated because I didn’t get some other shirts I wanted to buy for him because all the available sizes were either too big or too small. Anyway, this las one was a pretty good find for only PhP199.75 and I love design (Psycho Brand, SM Department store, Boys Teens’ wear)




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